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Hong Kong Central
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Cloud Data Architect

Project overview
• Reporting to the business unit CTO, responsible for database configuration, performance tuning, datalake and data warehouse design for our cloud environment where there are IoT devices streaming data into a series of databases ranging from relational to NoSQL databases
• Design and optimize the data schema for the various IoT devices and legacy systems which are interfacing large volumes of data into the cloud environment
• Ensure there the right access controls are setup in each environment
• Automate processes related to data backup, security checks, alerts, disaster recovery
• Support in visualizing key datasets to authorized users (e.g. setup the infrastructure for data analyst)
• Support on minor reporting activities (majority of reporting to be performed by the data analysts)

• A combination of database adminisrator, data architect, and ETL developer
• At least 2+ years’ experience with SQL and/or NoSQL (Neo4j, mongoDB, HDFS, etc) setting up, scripting, managing database systems
• At least 1+ years development experience preferable in Python or Node.js to support on API development, familiar with serverless architecture
• At least 2+ years public cloud experience (preferably on AWS or Azure) with successful experience on performance tuning, backup management, and streaming